J-Rocks Boxing class is a 50-minute high calorie burning, high intensity workout that incorporates all your limbs and muscles. It starts with a 10-minute warm up, preparing the body to move, followed by work which includes punches and footwork within 7 three minute rounds. Between rounds, expect active rest movements for maximum calorie burn. The class ends with a 10-minute cool down to lower the heart rate and reset the muscles to their original length, but not before blasting the core for a gut busting ab routine to rip up anyone’s mid-section. If you aren’t convinced to attend a J-Rocks Boxing Conditioning class yet, perhaps the benefits below will have you HOOKED!

 1. An Experience for All

J-Rocks Boxing  workouts are a great way to shed pounds and build lean muscles, all while having fun in an energetic environment. The class is led by a certified Certified Coach with experience in Boxing, who will make the class inviting for all fitness & experience levels. Combined with a high energy group and the perfect pump-up playlist, our Boxing Conditioning classes will keep you coming back for more.

2. Explore Self-Defense

Boxing conditioning classes are a great way to learn a new self-defense skill, all while having fun doing a full body workout! The boost of self-confidence knowing you’re in shape and embracing the fighting spirit is unmeasurable! Grow stronger and more confident with every punch and jab!

3. Take Key Learnings to Other Sports

Boxing conditioning classes are great for any athlete training in off season or as part of their strength and conditioning routine in season. It requires all energy systems to be firing and uses all 3 planes of motion. This in turn helps you burn hundreds of calories not only while you’re taking class but hours after too. The coordination required to hit the bag not only with your legs but only your arms crosses over and helps you prepare for any sport.

4. Day-to-day Benefits

Boxing Conditioning classes also boost your natural energy, helping to improve your posture and mental focus in daily life. When you’re done with your Boxing Conditioning class, you will have a stress relief feeling like no other all while getting one of the best workout sessions ever!