The good news is, you don’t have to already come prepared with a chiseled hard body or years of exercise experience to get the most out of our classes. our is about pushing people safelytowards their physical limits which vary from person to person. Here are some great reasons you should try a our class:

 1. Shorter Workouts

I mean, who isn’t already sold right there? our workouts are a huge timesaver because you are working at a much higher intensity which means you are expending more energy, a.k.a calories, at a faster rate than a sustained cardio workout. It is possible to burn more calories in 15 minutes of a our class than almost an hour of jogging. And if you’re pressed for time, you don’t have to sacrifice results when time is an issue. It’s a huge win-win!

2. Boosts Metabolism

Alright, if we didn’t convince you with the first reason, who doesn’t want a stronger metabolism? Since your body is using more energy during a our class, you deplete your oxygen levels more rapidly than a traditional cardio workout. This means that your body is forced to recovery at a quicker, more efficient rate which also forces your body to produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone). HGH not only affects your metabolism, but also plays a role in muscle recovery helping you feel ready to tackle your next workout.

3. Lose Fat, Not Muscle

The misconception that building muscle means looking bulky unfortunately still exists in some minds, but don’t believe the hype! Steady state cardio makes it much more difficult to maintain muscle gains. With our workouts, there is an opportunity to use a variety of equipment to increase strength gains and build lean muscle which keeps your metabolism functioning efficiently, not to mention looks great naked!

4. The “After Burn”

Enough said. High intensity interval training promotes a much longer “after burn”, also known as EPOC or Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption. But what does that really mean? Simply put, it’s the amount of oxygen your body consumes after your workout to regulate itself back to its normal resting state. Exercise that consumes more oxygen burns more calories both during and after.

5. It’s Tough

Make no mistake, our class is a challenge! This workout is definitely NOT synonymous with boredom. While a our workout can test personal limits both physically and mentally, it also has benefits that for many outweigh any evidence science has to offer…it makes you feel like a warrior!

The list of benefits for our goes on and on. If these top 5 haven’t swayed you, then perhaps knowing it can help build a healthier heart or increase endurance will excite you. Perhaps what also makes it great is knowing that class can be done with or without equipment, alone or with a group. However, one of the most successful ways to stay committed and motivated with your workout routine is to workout in a group.