Did you know that according to an article by Business Insider, over 80% of New Year’s resolutions faily by February? With the likelihood high that most people won’t achieve those lofty goals they set for themselves, it’s important to have the right game plan in place to ensure you don’t fall off track. Here are 5 tips to make sure you achieve all of your fitness goals this year.

  1. Grab a workout buddy. When you workout alone it can be easy to slack off or skip workouts. Find someone who is just as motivated as you to reach a fitness goal and work together! It will keep you both accountable and make it way more fun. There is nothing like having to help each other up the stairs to create a strong friendship. If you don’t know anyone who is willing to suffer with you try joining an online fitness motivation group! There are tons of social apps that are focused on fitness motivation to help people reach their goals. Some of the most popular are My Fitness Pal, Sweat with Kayla, Tone It Up, Nike Training Club, PumpUp, Fitocracy, the list goes on and on.
  2. Make attainable short term goals and celebrate them. Having a goal weight or certain pant size as your goal is good, but can be unrealistic if you set a certain time limit on reaching it. Everyone’s body loses weight in their own time and making a plan for  the next 6 months can feel overwhelming. Try setting 30 day goals or weekly goals instead! They will keep you focused and more in the moment. Celebrate the small achievements and then set new ones.
  3. Buy new workout gear. This one is pretty common among most people trying to start a new routine, but don’t underestimate the power of a new pair of running shoes. Sometimes a small amount of retail therapy can boost your motivation to the next level. You can also use new gear as a reward when you reach a goal. Celebrate by grabbing some new activewear.
  4. Try something new. Often times the same routine with the same people at the same time can become stale. Challenge yourself to break you routine by working out in the morning instead of at night or try a new type of class you have never done before. This will allow you to change up the scenery and see some new faces, you might even find your new favorite workout.
  5. Use some friendly competition. If you need more of an incentive to commit to a goal try entering a weigh-loss competition. TBC has one every year and will be starting it on January 22nd! This will not only challenge you to stay on track to get in great shape but you will also get a prize to go along with it!